Dive In For A 2nd Chance At Love, Life, & Everyday Relationships..

Why not Dive In For A 2nd Chance?

At Love, Life, & Everyday Relationships. Listen we all want a happy and successful life, and more importantly, we all want to find that true Life, Love and everlasting Relationship? Right?We are all seeking the beautiful images that makes our heart and souls content, God, first, yes, and everything after that is a sure happy trip in life. The kind of love or relationship that makes our forehead sweaty on a cold winter day or the kind love that makes our heart beat a thousand miles per minute. (Not dead yet!) but, seriously many men/women today just can’t seem to keep the love light burning. Why? Because they have either been there, done that before and it turned out bad, someone cheated, someone already had a partner or someone wanted money or someone just wanted a weekend fling. Perhaps there’s a shortage of real honest, willing, and or dedicated men/women who’s willing and understanding to what true love really means. I believe true love for many people are hard to find, but realizing the chances of finding that true love does exist, so why not dive in for a 2nd chance at finding real love again….


Dive In For A 2nd Chance At:

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I Stand Alone..

I Stand Alone, to represent the time my mind needs to be alone.

I Stand Alone, eagerly to plant new thoughts, stimulating the root to new growth so new words can freely flow.

I Stand Alone, inviting in new adventures and new goals.

I Stand Alone, inviting in the oceans breeze to cleanse me deep down within my soul.

I Stand Alone, to represent my own. I Stand Alone, to regain new thoughts for my own personal fame.

I Stand Alone, to allow good thoughts to come and go.

I Stand Alone, to enjoy the mind refreshings and many times it turns into a great unknown blessing.

I Standing Alone…

Dive In For A 2nd Chance At: Love At Times Are Complicated

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Love At Times Are Complicated, Really?

Love at times are complicated, because many times it’s overrated and takes lots of personal dedication.

Love at times are complicated, because, when it’s breaks your heart, you put up your guard.

Love at times are complicated, because happiness, is the key, but at times you end up being laughed at.

Love at times are complicated, because saying no, will allow your life the chance to really grow.

Love is complicated, but once love  finds you, you love life then will be right on time and you won’t mind being happy all the time..

Dive In For A 2nd Chance At: Look the Part..

women s purple and yellow lips with yellow liquid

The day she walked into the office she caught the eyes of eye. She was the new boss who came aboard to do, what no one else could do.

She looked the part, but when she opened her mouth, she spoke as a untrained and undisciplined child. Her lips looked soft, but the words that came from her mouth were filthy and her thoughts were evil. She had the looks of a beauty queen, but her tongue was filled with slime from the pits of hell.

Be a lady, talk like a lady, act like a lady and carry yourself as a woman..

Love, Life, & Everyday Relationships